Canon Zr800 Mini DV Digital Camcorder Exposed!


The world of personal home recordings opens up wide with the canon zr800 mini dv digital camcorder. You can now safely get your memories onto high quality video, with this consumer grade high definition digital camcorder. That’s right, you can now take advantage of recent video technology upgrades, creating the best available system for recording whatever you can imagine, with the greatest of ease. That’s right, you no longer have to invest in high end equipment to get high definition professional results. The canon zr800 mini dv digital camcorder is easy to learn to use, cost efficient, and has the name brand to match the high quality output introduced by this camera.One of the downsides of home video recordings is that the quality is not very high end. That’s about to change with Canon bringing out the big guns in regards to quality of sound and video. The video is no longer grainy and the sound isn’t muted at all, it is presented in the highest possible quality, just below what you might see on a silver screen. The technology has finally arrived to a place where you can take pride in digital recording at home without losing the great quality that you remember and love. Never before has capturing memories been so vivid, and you can thank good overall cameras like the canon zr800 mini dv digital camcorder, which creates a great balance between entry level recorders and professional grade equipment.With the canon zr800 mini DV digital camcorder, you get clear, vibrant images with the portability of a still photo digital camera. If that doesn’t do it for you, what about the 35 times digital zoom! That’s right, you can now stay far away from the action in case things get too complicated, and you can seal the best memories from a distance, without losing the picture or frame. This is a first in the high end digital platform, and consumers are beginning to realize how good this camera really is.Once again, cost becomes a factor and if you’re looking for a low cost entry into MiniDV land, you’re going to be thrilled at the prices on the canon zr800 mini dv digital camcorder. You can find it at low cost online, easily. Other competitors are trying to push high definition cameras at triple or quadruple the price and none of them seem to match the overall presence of the Canon brand. That’s right, Canon is stepping up to the plate with the high definition visuals hat you demand with the ease of use of lower level entry camcorders.Finally, the canon zr800 mini DV digital camcorder provides letter box, widescreen views at the touch of a button. This creates home videos the likes that you would expect from professional dvd’s that you purchase from stores. If you’re looking to package your movies and video for resale, you might want to check into this great camcorder, as it really does define high def for cutting edge video and audio output.


Opteka Platinum Series 0.2X HD Panoramic

  • Highest distortion of any fisheye lens available
  • Angle of view up to 220°
  • High definition HD² fully multi-coated optics
  • Anti-reflection coating
  • 5 Year worldwide limited warranty

The Opteka Vortex Lenses produce the highest distortion of any fisheye lens available. Adding the Opteka Vortex lens to a camera or camcorder zoom lens results with an angle of view up to 220°. Advances in high-index / low-dispersion optical glasses, new barrel materials, and exotic anti-reflection coatings, along with the latest in computer-aided-design / computer-aided-manufacturing, are combined to produce lenses of unprecedented quality. Diamond-cut from crystal-clear, water-white optical glass, Opteka lenses are ground and polished to a precise precision.

Lens Construction: 6 Elements / 4 Groups
Magnification: 0.2X
Angle of View: Up to 220 Degrees
Rear Mount Diameter: 58mm
Front Element Diameter: 101mm (Does not accept filters)
Length: 75mm
Weight Element Diameter: 630g/22.2oz

Included Items
1) Opteka Platinum Series 58mm 0.2X HD Panoramic “Vortex” Fisheye Lens
3) 52-58mm Adapter Ring
4) 62-58mm Adapter Ring
5) Lens Pouch
6) Lens Caps
7) 5 Year Opteka Worldwide Warranty

Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Auto Focus Lens Kit, for Canon EOS, with Tiffen 77mm Photo Essentials Filter Kit, Lens Cap Leash, Professional Lens Cleaning Kit

  • Designed for use with full frame digital SLR cameras. May also be used with smaller APS-c size sensors with a corresponding effective increase in focal length to about 100 to 300mm with most cameras
  • Offers Sigma’s OS System (Optical Stabilization) allowing handheld photography even in low-light situation
  • HSM (Hyper-Sonic Motor) ensures a quiet & high-speed auto focus
  • FLD glass elements with performance equal to fluorite glass for compensate for color aberration

Sigma’s New APO 70-200mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM is the second generation of this large aperture telephoto zoom lens now incorporating Sigma’s Optical Stablization function, OS, Sigma’s own anti-shake system. Two FLD glass elements, which have the performance equal to fluorite glass have also been added along with three SLD glass elements, all which provide excellent correction of color aberration. In spite of the additions of all of these features, Sigma has managed to make the lens more compact than its predecessor, measuring only 7.8″ in length. For any serious photographer where the 70-200mm focal range is often the most important second lens to own after the initialstandards lens or mid range zooms. The fast aperture is extremely useful and important in low light environments or when shooting fast moving situations where a higher shutter speed demands maximum lights thru the lens. HSM ensures quiet and high speed AF as well as full-time manual focus capability. Super Multi-Layer lens coating reduces flare ghosting and assures high image quality throughout the entire zoom range. It has a minimum focusing distance of 55.1 inches throughout the entire zoom range and a maximum magnification ratio of 1:8 The rounded 9 blade diaphragm creates an attractive blur to the out of focus images. This lens is equipped with a petal-type hood. Its exceptional versatility as an all-around lens is perfect for journalists and wedding photographers. This latest

Rokinon 35mm f/1.4 Wide Angle Lens for Nikon (RK35M-N) + 5 Year Celltime Warranty

  • Rokinon 35mm f/1.4 Wide Angle Lens for Nikon DSLR Cameras – RK35M-N
  • 2 in 1 Table Pod and Steady Pod
  • Digital Camera Starter Kit
  • 5 Year Celltime Warranty

The new Rokinon 35mm F/1.4 AS UMC A spherical Wide Angle lens is an optically sophisticated lens designed for full-frame cameras. It can also be used on APS-C and Four Thirds cameras. The lens is beautifully constructed with two lenses made of quality glass with a high refraction factor. Weight and dimensions can therefore be as minimal as possible. The lens is also constructed with one a spherical lens that prevents horizontal chromatic aberration. Rokinon has also added a focusing scale to this new lens, which will help the user focus more accurately. With its high quality, dense, anti-reflexive layers, this new Rokinon lens produces stunningly high contrasts and perfectly reflects natural colors. Images come out crystal clear and sharp.

2 in 1 Table Pod and Steady Pod is ideal for digital point and shoot cameras & camcorders with tripod socket. The grip will allow you to record and view smooth videos and photographs. 12 positions to change from; easily clicks and locks into position. This table pod extends to 4 inches.

Digital Camera Starter Kit includes a mini tripod, a LCD screen cleaning kit with specialty formulated cleaning fluid and cloth, and screen protectors to protect from scratches, wear and damage.

5 Year Celltime Warranty